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Kick Speed | Measure & Improve kicking speed
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Measure and improve your kick speed

Kick 50% faster straight away

"Within minutes of using KickSpeed, I was amazed to see my kicking speed double!! It's like a light bulb went off. By accurately measuring the things that worked for me, I was able to get consistently faster. I never kick the slow way anymore. And I was pretty fast to begin with!" - Andrew Newey. 2nd Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do (190ms side kick)
The KickSpeed Training Package includes:
The Patented Sensor Pad Timing System
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Attachments to affix to all punching bags and kicking shields
Digital Control centre with 3 customisable programs

$15 Shipping anywhere
Get real fast at Tae-Kwon Do, Karate, MMA. Anything that benefits from extreme kicking or punching speed! Get Fast!!
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Kick Speed | Measure & Improve kicking speed


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KickSpeed is a new electronic training aid, designed to measure & improve competition sparring abilities in a fun and easy way. The innovative device measures the speed of kicks and punches in either a reactive or offensive movement. Once a student understands the speed of their movement, Kickspeed can play an integrated part in improving technique and body conditioning for faster attacks.

Improve offensive kicks

Improve your offensive kicking speed
Useful for measuring explosive fast twitch muscle speed
Trains a user's ability to launch an explosive kick from the ground to the target
Tip: Use this mode after a warm up to baseline ability, or after muscle fatigue to make BIG GAINS!

Improve reaction time for punches and kicks

Develop explosive hand and foot speed
Train to react to opportunity instinctively, by launching a blindingly fast punch or kick

Measures the users reaction time to attack
Tip: Use this from all different angles and dinstances to develop fast strikes from a variety of starting positions

Improve your Cardio Vascular fitness & Agility

Improve Cardio Vascular fitness for martial arts

As a handy Interval Timer and Hit Counter in one, the repetition mode provides a thorough cardio and speed training workout!
Use this function as a vigorous work-out, or to really fatigue and develop muscle endurance
Tip: Boxing trainers have been using interval timers for decades. Now you can use similar routines to develop both leg and hand abilities for your competition training!

Note: You can see the device in action below, however, this is an old clip and the reaction time functionality is not represented.
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